Split – Croatia

Split regularly attracts millions of tourists every year and it’s a favourite among young visitors. The Croatian city is known for its vibrant spirit and its unique blend of the old and new.

However, it’s not just the feel of the city itself that makes Split such a popular tourist spot – Split has plenty to offer for tourists of all ages.

Places of Interest

Major attractions include:
Diocletian’s Palace – the historical Palace is considered ‘one of the best-preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world’, according to visitsplit.com, and it’s just one of Croatia’s many gems.

Temple of Jupiter – the temple dates back to Roman times. Inside the building, visitors will find several points of interest including the John the Baptiste statue as well as other fascinating sculptures.

Klis Fortress – in addition to its vineyards and olive trees, Klis is well-known for its spectacular fortress, which is well regarded for its stunning views. However, the Fortress remains relatively quiet and doesn’t pull in vast amounts of visitors.

The Krka National Park and the Mestrovic Gallery are definitely worth a visit and The St Dominus Cathedral is another popular attraction.
In addition, the promenade, Riva, is a must visit destination for the tourist.

For the more active, there’s plenty of opportunity for rock climbing, hiking and biking, and Kosovo also hosts some major marathons.


Croatia is one of Europe’s main destinations for festivals and it hosts several large music festivals every year. The festivals attract local bands, but also groups with a global following, such as the Kings of Leon and Kasabian.

However, it’s not just musical festivals that have proven to be a huge draw – Croatia is a great venue for beer festivals. The Beats, Boogaloo and Beer Festival made its debut in 2017, and film festivals are a common feature too.


There is a great variance in accommodation prices, however, as with most places, you tend to get what you pay for, so shop around for the best value and for the most suitable accommodation.


Split provides a lively nightlife for visitors and locals alike. There are plenty of venues for people that like to party into the night, however, there’s also a great selection of cafes, restaurants and wine bars available.

For clubbers, some of the best-known night spots include the ShotGun Shooters Bar, which is famed for its cocktails, the Tropic Club and the Academia Club Ghetto.

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