Home to one of the best preserved and functioning Roman amphitheatres, the Arena, that resides right in the heart of Pula. The seafront city, sitting at the top of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula is renowned for its wealth of historical buildings, protected harbour and beach-lined coasts. Roman ruins also lie within the city, as Pula was valued for its strategic location in the prehistoric era, and it has been occupied, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times.

But today, Pula is known for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings, but most famously for the Pula Arena, which dominates the streetscape and doubles as a venue for summer concerts and festivals, providing a venue like no other, with an incredible atmosphere. On top of this, Pula has so much more to offer as a city… Beautiful sandy beaches, a bustling city, and an awe-inspiring nature park, to name a few.

By day, Pula is a busy commercial city situated on the sea, that has managed to retain a close-knit, small-town appeal. However, a stone’s throw away from the city, you will find an array of beaches at the resorts located on the Verudela Peninsula. Although this resort is teeming with residential and holiday developments, the coast is inundated with quirky features unique to Pula: fragrant pine groves, seaside cafes and a decent amount of restaurants, where you can sample a taste of Croatian cuisine. The city also has a long standing tradition of winemaking and fishing, which you can take part in, as much or as little as you like.

However, if you fancy something a bit more tranquil, Pula has something for you… Further south along the indented shoreline sits the Premantura Peninsula, that hides a spectacular nature park, the protected Cape of Kamenjak. Be at one with nature in Kamenjak, and discover a hidden gem on the cape, the Kamenjak safari bar – a beach bar located in one of the most idyllic, natural places in Croatia. At the Safari bar, you can lounge on the beach, keep refreshed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and with fresh food being served on the island, you will never go hungry, including meat and fish dishes, sandwiches and olives.

So, what are you waiting for?

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