Ionian Islands – Greece

Comprising of a series of stunning islands, the Ionian Islands make an idyllic tourist venue. And the islands incorporate several popular tourist destinations that visitors will be familiar with, including Corfu, Paxos and Zante.

The inhabitants of the Ionian Islands are known for their friendly nature, so guests can be assured a of a warm welcome.

Places of Interest

Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches; Porto Katsiki and Myrtos are just two that you’ll find in the Greek Islands.
In addition, the Navagio Beach is one of the busiest attractions for day tourists, although it’s best avoided during peak times if you want to avoid the crowds.

However, the islands have a lot more to give tourists than sunny beaches. Some of the major landmarks/attractions include:

Keri Lighthouse – this is one of Greece’s historical points of interest and it dates back a century. In addition to the historic nature of the lighthouse, the views are spectacular by all accounts, and tourists rate it as a great place to witness the local sunsets.

The Old Fortress – situated on the island of Corfu, the Old Fortress has a vast history and it’s believed to date back to the 6th century. The Venetian castle attracts vast visitor numbers every year, and it’s considered by many to be a must see.
Several exhibitions are held there on an annual basis, so check before you go if there are any special events being planned.

Achillion Palace – situated in Gastouri, Corfu, Achillion Palace is another famous attraction; it’s known for its scenic views of the nearby coast and its beautiful landscaped gardens, and it’s steeped in history.


With several Greek holidays and numerous festivals throughout the year, it seems there is nearly always a celebration of some sort going on in the Ionian Islands.

If you like your music, then Kefalonia is by far the best destination for music festivals, but it also hosts major food events, too.

Easter is also a good time to visit the islands as Corfu is known for its elaborate Easter celebration events. However, if you visit in August you’ll have chance to visit the wine festival, and if you visit earlier in the year, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the Carnival of Corfu which is held in March/April.


Hotels, boutique hotels, apartments and villas are just some of the accommodation choices. There are several low-priced hotels, which means the islands can be considered budget-friendly.


The Ionian Islands lend themselves well to sea sports; wind surfing, scuba diving and sailing are among the favourite activities. However, there are also venues like the Calypso Diving Centre, which make a great day out for all the family.


In the evenings, consider heading for Cephalonia. It’s got some great restaurants, and some of the little towns like Fiscardo are best explored at night time.

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